Red Letter Day!

Any day that stands out on one’s calendar is a Red Letter Day. It could be a birthday, anniversary, start of a new journey, or celebration of an old one. The saying itself is an ancient one, associated with illuminated manuscripts, whose first letter—the Rubric—was often done in red ink and treated to all sorts of special attention to style. In the academic world, these are called Scarlet Days.  If I were still in academia, I’d be wearing my cap and gown today.


Today, a reader of mine, Mr. Matt Phillips, had me sign the four books pictured above, which he intends to gift to his three brothers and a grandson. Matt and I had the chance to speak about each of the fellows who will receive a copy, so I learned about four new readers who are extraordinary men.  I gladly accepted the opportunity to sign each book and consider who might soon be reading my work.  It’s a humbling thought, knowing that these well-educated, accomplished men will read about Drew Skolnick. They may not love the book as Matt did, but I am giddy with the thought that Matt wanted to share my work with those close to him. I might never know what they think of it, but the very idea that they might pick it up at some point and head back to 1970 and walk with Drew, Kyle, “The Flood,” and Mary Beth sends me over the moon. I love my readers!

And, thanks to a meeting with my agent and publisher today, I had the opportunity to sign a copy of “The Werewolves of Edinburgh” to two other readers, Tim and Amy.  Five, that’s F-I-V-E opportunities to sign my work going into reader’s hands! Today has, indeed, been a Red Letter Day! I think I’ll mark it on next year’s calendar too, just to remember.

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