“Brothers, A Halloween Tale.”

By M.J. Downing Denny Crandell, my classmate Robbie’s odd fraternal twin, showed up at my door on Duncan Avenue after six o’clock one evening just before Halloween, 1968.  My friend Tim Rogers and I had been listening to WAKY on my transistor radio and reading comics in my room when the doorbell rang, and Dad, who’s... Continue Reading →

“On Ghost Tales.”

M.J. Downing Back in late 1972 or early 1973, I heard a ghost in the dormitory of the old firehouse at Preston and Marret Streets here in Louisville. In that big room, full of firemen’s bunks, there was always a little light, though it did not go far back into the dark corners. Whatever winds... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on maps.

M.J Downing.             Looking at the map above, you see where my focus lies these days as I work on the last third of Sherlock Holmes: The Ghosts of Savannah. What you see is a structure map of the city of Savannah in 1884, just four years prior to the time that my book’s action takes Holmes and... Continue Reading →

One boulder at a time.

One chapter at a time. Less than that. A quarter chapter, and the boulder rolls backwards, smashing my toes, grinding against my shoulders.  The grit on its surface irritates my face. The damned thing lodges on things I cannot see, and all I can do is push.              I am in the final third of Sherlock Holmes, The... Continue Reading →

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