“The Man Who Hated Lovecraft.”

M.J. Downing             “But, surely, to make such a statement, you’d need to read the entire Lovecraft canon, Jared, which you haven’t,” Peter Hundt said as he and Jared Barlow walked through the crisp, wintery sunshine of early November, making their way back to their adjacent offices in the Humanities building.             “I’ve read all... Continue Reading →

Relevant Fairies?

Do fairies translate to the techno, postmodern world? M.J. Downing First of all, I’m looking or comments on this subject.  So, please give this a thought, especially in light of the last story I posted, “An Eye to See.” Halloween stories need  a source of threat. I chose fairies, this time, because I don’t see... Continue Reading →

New Halloween Story!

“An Eye to See.” M.J. Downing When the wind kicks up dried leaves in your path and the night grows longer, the walls between the worlds grow thin. The last sere breath of summer rattles though nature’s parched lips, and the year makes ready to die.  It still dreams, though, the old year does, and... Continue Reading →

Why not Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes?

M.J. Downing.             With the recent release of a “coming attractions” Netflix ad, folks will see that Enola Holmes 2 is on its way in ’22.  Furthermore, “Screen rant” suggests that Henry Cavill’s reprise of the Sherlock role will be more involved in the second view. In my view, I say, why not Cavill? Since... Continue Reading →

“Of Giants and High Places.”

M. J. Downing. Leaving aside his famous ancestor, Bandobras, Hildifons Took numbered amongst the boldest of Hobbits in any era. However, as courageous as he was, dread accompanied his thoughts about crossing the Misty Mountains with Stapa. Though he never mentioned this to Stapa, Hilds noticed that the big lad bent wary eyes on the... Continue Reading →

For those who need a bit more Scrooge–And Marley…

“Scrooge, In the Time of Cholera.” M.J. Downing.             Stave Six: Marley’s Return.             “Bob, my lad,” Scrooge said, as he stood in his countinghouse before the desk of his new partner, Mr. Robert Cratchit, “we must do something about the mill conditions in this country.” Grim faced, Scrooge shoved wool mittens, socks, and hats,... Continue Reading →

Thank You, Good Ground Church!

            I have been as busy as most these days, what with preparing this year’s Christmas Story as well as revising Sherlock Holmes and The Ghosts of Savannah (working title) before it goes in for copy edits. However, this past Thursday, 2 December, I was invited to Good Grounds Church, where, in anticipation of the... Continue Reading →

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