“The Sign of Four: My Own Enneagram Mystery.” M.J. Downing             I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, take the Enneagram test and examine my personality type in depth. Invoking the Doyle title wasn’t my desire.  The test that I took from Truity.com identifies me as a Four, and emotional type, a heart type, and... Continue Reading →

“A Late February Wish”

M.J. Downing Paul Calhoun pulled a chair up to Brendan’s table at the coffee shop, flipped open his tablet, and brought up his school account.  Brendan’s eyes stayed on his screen.  He didn’t act like he knew his best friend had joined him.  He couldn’t.  Brendan stared at a report that a girl he liked had shared about a... Continue Reading →

Timely Meeting: An Homage to Bill Forrester and Helen Loomis from Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine.” M.J. Downing At ninety-two, Bill Forrester weighed the same, was as trim as, he was at thirty-one.  As Helen had told him sixty years before, though, he knew enough of his body to know that it was winding down. Still, he... Continue Reading →

“Holding On to Christmas:”

I have an unpublished novel, Starling’s Call, about a some magical occurrences in the life of young Andy McKinney. This Christmas Story is set some years before the action of that novel, but I thought I’d share it with as a bit of Christmas Magic. If you enjoy it, let me know. “Holding Onto Christmas”M.J.... Continue Reading →

St. Christopher and Advent.

Advent, the season of waiting.  This year, for some reason, my thoughts return to the Cotton Vitellius IV manuscript—though not to Beowulf.  That would be my usual direction, but now I’m thinking of St. Christopher, for his legend passes down to us through that charred collection.  The Anglo Saxon folks loved the story of this dog-headed giant, who carried... Continue Reading →

To “The Pickwick Chicks!”

Much of my writing life is pretty boring.  I labor on sentences, wonder about paragraphs, lose plot threads in a cool sounding idea that I explore for three hours, finding later that I can’t use it.  Leaps take me forward; stumbles have me falling way back. Still, sometimes things happen that make all that trial and error... Continue Reading →

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