Why not Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes?

M.J. Downing.             With the recent release of a “coming attractions” Netflix ad, folks will see that Enola Holmes 2 is on its way in ’22.  Furthermore, “Screen rant” suggests that Henry Cavill’s reprise of the Sherlock role will be more involved in the second view. In my view, I say, why not Cavill? Since... Continue Reading →

Thank You, Good Ground Church!

            I have been as busy as most these days, what with preparing this year’s Christmas Story as well as revising Sherlock Holmes and The Ghosts of Savannah (working title) before it goes in for copy edits. However, this past Thursday, 2 December, I was invited to Good Grounds Church, where, in anticipation of the... Continue Reading →

Red Letter Day!

Any day that stands out on one’s calendar is a Red Letter Day. It could be a birthday, anniversary, start of a new journey, or celebration of an old one. The saying itself is an ancient one, associated with illuminated manuscripts, whose first letter—the Rubric—was often done in red ink and treated to all sorts... Continue Reading →

“The Best I Got” With New Cover!”

I am pleased to announce the re-release of The Best I Got, edited and with a new cover by the talented Anthony Nowicke, available now in Amazon Kindle and Print-on-demand! Check out this mysterious, nostalgic look at Louisville, Ky in 1970, an urban fantasy without vampires, werewolves, or other strange creatures.  The monsters then, as... Continue Reading →

Newsletter: M.J. Downing’s Desk…

Greetings Friends! My desktop--the actual thing, not a computer--is a mess these days.  I’ve been working on several projects, so there’s a welter of paper, pipes, and other litter surrounding me.  However, I’m not swamped yet! The picture of me above shows confusion, true, but that’s because I was watching a Cricket match at the... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Dr. John H. Watson!

            If he had ever been alive, he would have been born 169 years ago today, 7 July 1852.  Of course, he would have been born in the U.K, but it would be more accurate to say that his birth occurred in the fertile country of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s imagination, which was never bound... Continue Reading →

A New Side Project now available on Amazon!

Greetings! If you enjoyed my ten part series last summer called “Andrew Skolnick’s Miracle,” I offer a revised and enlarged edition in novella length, called “The Best I Got.” Same characters, same action, revised and fleshed out, this story of Drew and Kyle won the heart of my sister, Patty Johnson, so this one is... Continue Reading →

M.J. Downing. I was born too late for the real pulp tradition. It survived, though, and came to me in small novels with glossy covers and author names like Kenneth Robeson, Robert E. Howard, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. For me, those novels lasted longer and were hardier companions than my comic books, which were too... Continue Reading →

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