The Genius of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

M.J. Downing Just recently, preparing for a mid-February "Zoom" meeting with "The Derby Rotten Scoundrels," the Louisville Chapter of "Sisters in Crime," I dedicated some time to studying the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in order to spell out some things I'd long seen in his writing. Truthfully, I have enjoyed the Sherlock ntHolmes... Continue Reading →

“What to do with a bad review.”

M.J. Downing It's like getting a C- on that paper on which I really worked hard. It's a psychological gut punch I didn't see coming. It puts me down, like on the canvas, trying to breathe, think, though nothing happens. George Foreman, as I recall, called them 'canvas moments.' I don't know which boxer said... Continue Reading →

“On Ghost Tales.”

M.J. Downing Back in late 1972 or early 1973, I heard a ghost in the dormitory of the old firehouse at Preston and Marret Streets here in Louisville. In that big room, full of firemen’s bunks, there was always a little light, though it did not go far back into the dark corners. Whatever winds... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on maps.

M.J Downing.             Looking at the map above, you see where my focus lies these days as I work on the last third of Sherlock Holmes: The Ghosts of Savannah. What you see is a structure map of the city of Savannah in 1884, just four years prior to the time that my book’s action takes Holmes and... Continue Reading →

One boulder at a time.

One chapter at a time. Less than that. A quarter chapter, and the boulder rolls backwards, smashing my toes, grinding against my shoulders.  The grit on its surface irritates my face. The damned thing lodges on things I cannot see, and all I can do is push.              I am in the final third of Sherlock Holmes, The... Continue Reading →

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