News from the Downingverse Center of Esoteric B.S.

This one is for Tolkien enthusiasts who are disappointed by The Rings of Power: There’s Hope Yet!             Amazon’s Rings of Power is just the right size for television or film.  It is far too small, though, for Tolkien enthusiasts.  The computer graphics and clever camera work are all exciting, perhaps even innovative.  I am… Continue Reading →

The New Downingverse Center for Esoteric B.S.

Just recently, as I emptied my email spam box, I came across an invitation to be admitted to the Illuminati. No, I had not sent in an application, as odd as that might sound, coming from the former director of the Jed Clampett College Center of Esoteric B.S. the sign for which was once posted… Continue Reading →

Why not Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes?

M.J. Downing.             With the recent release of a “coming attractions” Netflix ad, folks will see that Enola Holmes 2 is on its way in ’22.  Furthermore, “Screen rant” suggests that Henry Cavill’s reprise of the Sherlock role will be more involved in the second view. In my view, I say, why not Cavill? Since… Continue Reading →

“Of Giants and High Places.”

M. J. Downing. Leaving aside his famous ancestor, Bandobras, Hildifons Took numbered amongst the boldest of Hobbits in any era. However, as courageous as he was, dread accompanied his thoughts about crossing the Misty Mountains with Stapa. Though he never mentioned this to Stapa, Hilds noticed that the big lad bent wary eyes on the… Continue Reading →


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M.J. Downing is a native of Louisville, Kentucky.  Born in Shively in the spring of 1954, he was raised in Okolona. He lived in the Highlands for twenty years before marrying his wife, Amy, and moving to Valley Station.  He has friends and relations in all parts of Louisville, beyond those just mentioned.  He and Amy are members of St. Paul United Methodist Church and are active in its ministries.

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