“Brothers, A Halloween Tale.”

By M.J. Downing Denny Crandell, my classmate Robbie’s odd fraternal twin, showed up at my door on Duncan Avenue after six o’clock one evening just before Halloween, 1968.  My friend Tim Rogers and I had been listening to WAKY on my transistor radio and reading comics in my room when the doorbell rang, and Dad, who’s… Continue Reading →

“Andrew Skolnick’s Miracle,” Part 10: “Dreamtime.”

M.J. Downing             Drew fought to remember a time in his life when he was light.  He’d been the heavy kid since before he could remember, and when he started his long, slow journey with the weights in his garage, he’d only gotten heavier. And, at that, he wasn’t slow. Football had taught him to move. His… Continue Reading →


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About the author

M.J. Downing is a native of Louisville, Kentucky.  Born in Shively in the spring of 1954, he was raised in Okolona. He lived in the Highlands for twenty years before marrying his wife, Amy, and moving to Valley Station.  He has friends and relations in all parts of Louisville, beyond those just mentioned.  He and Amy are members of St. Paul United Methodist Church and are active in its ministries.

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