“Heroism in Tharbad: A Hobbit Tale.”

Tolkien Fan Fiction by M.J. Downing. “Heroism in Tharbad.” M.J. Downing. Part 1.             “There.  We’ve reached the entrance to Ketil’s halls,” Hilds said, pointing to a dark archway at the end of a valley in the foothills of the Blue Mountains.  The path that ran on before them went through a deep defile. It… Continue Reading →

“Lights, Like Marfa” By M. J. Downing “You know, lights, like in Marfa,” the taller said, sitting at the bar to my far left.  The shorter fellow nearer me returned his gaze, blinking and shaking his head ’no.’  The taller guy might have been sixty, might have been thirty. I had a hard time pegging his… Continue Reading →

“Of Hobbits and Men: A Middle Earth Adventure.”

M.J. Downing. Part One. Of all the heroic line of the Took family, little has been said of Old Gerontius’ son Hildifons. Among Gerontius’ heirs, it is said that Hildifons, known simply as Dark Hilds by his family and few friends, was the closest in stature, manner, and mood to Bandobras, “the Bullroarer.” Hilds grew… Continue Reading →

“The Withywindle Wight: A Shire Story.”

M.J. Downing Plain hobbit-sense, really, freed daily life in the Shire and its environs, especially in Bilbo’s day, from the threat of evils that had plagued Eriador for many centuries. Working a craft or service, farming the land, brewing ale and such simple tasks were the occupations of this little people, time out of mind. … Continue Reading →


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M.J. Downing is a native of Louisville, Kentucky.  Born in Shively in the spring of 1954, he was raised in Okolona. He lived in the Highlands for twenty years before marrying his wife, Amy, and moving to Valley Station.  He has friends and relations in all parts of Louisville, beyond those just mentioned.  He and Amy are members of St. Paul United Methodist Church and are active in its ministries.

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