“Brothers, A Halloween Tale.”

By M.J. Downing Denny Crandell, my classmate Robbie’s odd fraternal twin, showed up at my door on Duncan Avenue after six o’clock one evening just before Halloween, 1968.  My friend Tim Rogers and I had been listening to WAKY on my transistor radio and reading comics in my room when the doorbell rang, and Dad, who’s... Continue Reading →

“Andrew Skolnick’s Miracle.”

Part 3.  “Unknown Country.” M.J. Downing             In his dream, Drew stood in a high place, almost in the clouds, and it didn’t matter how he was there or what he stood on. His arms held a young lady dressed in something like a genie costume.  She was sandy-haired and green eyed, freckled, and not skinny. Perfect.  Her strength... Continue Reading →

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