“Andrew Skolnick’s Miracle.”

Part 3.  “Unknown Country.” M.J. Downing             In his dream, Drew stood in a high place, almost in the clouds, and it didn’t matter how he was there or what he stood on. His arms held a young lady dressed in something like a genie costume.  She was sandy-haired and green eyed, freckled, and not skinny. Perfect.  Her strength... Continue Reading →

“The World’s Saddest Dollar Store”

“The World’s Saddest Dollar Store.” M.J. Downing             “That ol’ truck’s been a ways, ain’t it?”a voice said behind me.  I turned away from the steaming radiator of my ’56 Chevy pick-up and saw a small, slender man sitting on the sidewalk of the General Dollar Emporium.  With a week’s worth of beard growth and shaggy hair, he... Continue Reading →

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