M.J. Downing Influences #3.

Howard’s Mind: A well of fantasy plots. According to the forward by Fritz Leiber in my 1978 printing of Marchers of Valhalla, this ambitious titular story of the collection shows the origins of “the Hyborean Age,” which later gave us the Conan stories. Mixing the dust of his native Texas with the dark soil of... Continue Reading →

M.J. Downing: Influences.

In my Senior year at Durrett High School, I asked a very pretty girl to go to the Prom with me. All my buddies were going to the Prom and had dates already. So, I spotted a girl who sat across the class from me in Humanities and just up and asked her. My actions... Continue Reading →

A Corvette for Dan.

M.J. Downing. The hot rods are in town, now, for the NSRA, and we did our annual trip out to Mike Linnig’s Seafood last night to check out the pre-show rally. Two years ago, we made that visit with my brother-in-law, Dan Krupp, who just recently passed away, and last night, I had the feeling... Continue Reading →

The Drive to Complete.

Just recently, having submitted the first full draft of the second Watson novel to my publishers, Burns and Lea Media, I have gone back to a coming-of-age novel, with the working title, Starling.  It’s a sea change, one of those moments where I must get my head into a better, clearer place for another project that... Continue Reading →

Pressfield’s The War of Art: Read It.

  Steven Pressfield wrote The Gates of Fire, one of the best novels I’ve ever read. Like Bernard Cornwell, Pressfield has earned my trust. History comes alive in his hands. And, yes, Pressfield has written books not nearly as good as “Gates” or as successful as The Legend of Bagger Vance. But he has earned... Continue Reading →

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