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Sherlock Holmes’ devoted friend Dr John Watson takes the lead in a case so bizarre that it could only be revealed after Holmes’ death. Sherlock Holmes has only been deceased a month when Dr. John Watson, still grieving, recounts his final case with Holmes. A terrifying mystery, it sends Watson and Holmes into the dark reaches of London’s back alleys – and the human soul.

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Welcome, friend, to my website, the entry portal to the “Downing-verse,” Sherlock Holmes The Case of the UnDead Client  and the soon to be released Sherlock Holmes The Werewolves of Edinburgh. Here, along with other news from Department Zed and The Logres Society, you will find info about my publications, random acts of fiction, and odd thoughts on things having to do with Watson and Holmes, along with all the other characters wandering around in my world. Maybe you will find what you are looking for, or, if not, maybe you’ll find something that brings you joy or wonder. In any case, I’m glad you’re here and hope you leave a comment, add yourself to my email list, and follow along with the fun.  

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