M.J. Downing is a native of Louisville, Kentucky.  Born in Shively in the spring of 1954, he was raised in Okolona. He lived in the Highlands for twenty years before marrying his wife, Amy, and moving to Valley Station.  He has friends and relations in all parts of Louisville, beyond those just mentioned.  He and Amy are members of St. Paul United Methodist Church and are active in its ministries.

Downing’s interests are in this order: God, who is the Mystery; family, Amy and daughter Mackenna; writing stories; reading, everything from comics to criticism; playing guitar: all things Celtic; working out; walking; watching movies; traveling; and the comforts of home. He is a certifiable Tolkien geek and will wear you out with it, if given any encouragement..

Retired now, writing full-time, Downing has been a firefighter, a construction worker, a tobacconist, and many other things.  Since 1983, he has taught college writing and literature classes, spending the last quarter century doing so at Jefferson Community and Technical College, Southwest.  Like as not, he is at his keyboard now, smoking a pipe and chasing a story.  Wherever Amy is, of course, is home.

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